LEDnovation Launches World's First True 50W Equivalent MR16 Lamp


     Lednovation has launched its so-called world’s first true 50W equivalent (50W Eq) replacement MR16 lamps.


     The initial offering boasts a center beam candle power (CBCP) of 7360 Candelas at 7.9W and an efficacy of 57 lumens/watt.


     With a narrow spot beam angle of 11°, this 50W Eq EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 can replace energy wasting, low-voltage halogen MR16 lamps widely used throughout the gaming industry in casinos and other hospitality venues. It offers true 50W equivalent performance, Energy-Star compliance, and standard ANSI form factor fit.


     The EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 delivers improved Lighting performance while reducing electricity consumption by over 80% when compared to the halogen reflector lamps.


     With more than 15 times the lifetime of an equivalent halogen MR16 lamp, LEDnovation's energy efficient EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 reduces the frequency of replacement, an important attribute for the 24 hour world of gaming and hospitality.


     LEDnovation's EnhanceLite® line comes with a performance backed, 3-year warranty. The EnhanceLite® MR16 offers a warm white 3000K color temperature, and high color rendering index (CRI) of 80.